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Sir Alex Ferguson: Football’s Favourite Sun


Image: Alex Livesey/Getty Images Europe.

Anyone would think he’d died.

The wailing and gnashing of teeth across the networks, the United fans choking back tears as they described how their lives will never be the same again, the jostling across Twitter as journalists, bloggers, former players scrambled to get their angle on the matter out there.

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Borussia Dortmund: You Know You’re Old When…

…a club posts a picture of several players relaxing after qualifying for the knock-out stages of the Champions League on their Facebook timeline and you think it’s a publicity shot from Grange Hill circa 1987.

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The Weekend In Football: Blowing Hot & Cold

Bastian Schweinsteiger. Tights at the top of the Bundesliga. Image: Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images.

With those long winter evenings closing in, what better way to pass the time than to snuggle up warm and entertain yourself with irrelevant facts from the weekend’s European football fixtures?

Actually, don’t think about that too much that. Just read the post. Ta.

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Real Madrid: Audi Doodly!

Original Image: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images Europe.

We wonder if the rich boys of Real Madrid would be so enthusiastic about receiving free cars as  part of the club’s partnership with Audi if they were more relevant to the their sartorial preferences?

It would certainly make the rest of us feel a bit better about our shite cars.

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Flo Rida: Carol City Beefs

On the plus side, the feathery helmets hide the players’ identities. Image via preprally.

This, ladies and gents, is the new uniform of the Carol City Chiefs. It was commissioned for the high school football team by former pupil turned musical impresario Flo Rida, who presumably suffered terrible bullying at the hands of the  jocks.

Revenge is best served by forcing your enemy to wear a Native American chief’s face across their Spandex clad crotch, after all.

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Never Misses A Party: John Terry, England

Original Images: AP Photo, Photoshopping: Us.

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England vs. France: Sparks In The Dark

Images:  FRANCK FIFE/AFP/GettyImages, Lars Baron/Getty Images.

Given England’s past form in major tournaments , it would not have been unreasonable of fans to have seen Ray Clemence’s pre-match injury as a portent of doom. The goalkeeping coach snapped his achilles tendon before England’s opening Euro 2012 fixture vs. France, bringing the number of Roy Hodgson’s staff who have succumbed to injury before a ball is kicked in anger to five.

Fortunately, everyone else survived the journey from the pitch to the changing room and back, and ten minutes later, with media hype and optimism at a new and refreshing low, kicked off against a team who hadn’t tasted defeat in 21 international fixtures.

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