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Rafael Benitez: Navigating Troubled Waters

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Photoshop: sideeyesport.com

The circumstances of his arrival couldn’t have been more inclement. Seconds after setting foot on the good ship Chelsea FC, former Liverpool, Valencia & Inter boss Rafael Benitez was struck by wave after wave of hostility that, at times, looked persistent and sizeable enough to drown him. As he floundered about on an unfamiliar deck, dissenting voices rang out, reminding him of the damage he caused to Chelsea’s European voyages in previous years, the fact that his arrival was at the expense of the man who had steered the ship to Champions League glory only five months before and he’d mocked their flag.

Oh, and most importantly, that a fat Spanish waiter had no business on the deck of such an esteemed vessel.

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Brendan Batson: On The Frontline Again

Ron Atkinson referred to Laurie Cunningham, Cyrille Regis and Brendan Batson as “The Three Degrees”. He was just warming up too. Image via tumblr.

Brendan Batson has reiterated the importance of “fighting racism with a united front” in his plea to black footballers not to form a breakaway union. The former Arsenal and West Brom defender was speaking after several players, including Rio Ferdinand and Jason Roberts, refused to wear anti-racism t-shirts during warm-ups at the weekend, apparently as a protest against a perceived lack of consistency from the FA in a number of high profile incidents.

Batson has previously spoken of the abuse he suffered as the first black player to be selected for the Arsenal first team, and says that while he understands the players’ frustration, he believes they would be stronger in the current system than fighting alone. He said:

The battle accelerated in ’93 with Kick it Out, while current players may not think it has been accelerated enough in the last few years and because of the incidents over the past 12 months.

I think they should use the PFA and the other partners to help that change to support anti-racism campaigns to help that change.

Whether FIFA, UEFA and the FA will bother to join him on the frontline remains to be seen.

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Never Misses A Party: John Terry, England

Original Images: AP Photo, Photoshopping: Us.

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Ronaldinho: A Changed Man

Slightly startled. Images: AP Photo/Eugenio Savio, REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker.

Displaying an adaptability to change that would make John Terry proud, Ronaldinho pulled on the jersey of Brazilian Serie A side Atletico Mineiro on Monday, less than a week after he played his last game for Flamengo. The playmaker turned playboy’s contract with Flamengo was wisely terminated by a judge after he sued the club for unpaid wages.

Ronaldinho’s contract with Atletico is for six months, which is presumably the amount of the time the local nightclubs can support his partying before collapsing beneath the strain and begging for mercy.

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