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Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Now Featuring Birds

Paris Saint Germain Players Attend Day Two Of The Qatar Open 2013

Image: Christian Gavelle/PSG via Getty Images.

It’s a nice enough sentiment and everything, but we feel like there may be consequences to introducing Zlatan Ibrahimovic to falconry.

We’re just saying.

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AC Milan: Reaching For New Heights

While AC Milan’s on pitch prowess has suffered with the loss of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, it seems that those left behind are making the most of their new found freedom. The big man is well known for dominating a dressing room, mainly by crushing the life out of everyone else with his own vast ego, but despite his rather unfortunate habit of karate kicking people in the face, other players looked up to him for his incredible goal scoring prowess.

Or maybe just because he’s really tall.

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International Friendlies: HE IS ZLATAN!

Image: Michael Regan/Getty Images Europe.

There are few superlatives you can shower upon Zlatan Ibrahimovic that he hasn’t already liberally bathed himself in.

Still, like everyone else with a vague interest in football and a deadline to meet this morning, we’ll give it a go.

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Champions League: A Little Something For Everyone

JT fiddles while Roman burns. Image: Michael Steele/Getty Images Europe.

Chances are, if your team’s hopes of qualification took a knock, one of your club’s fiercest rivals probably shipped points too.

It was that kind of Champions League week.

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