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Snark Shots: Faces, Fists & Furballs

Big Bash League - Heat v Stars

A moment too late, boxer Anthony Mundine realises that Shane Warne’s Ken Face is indeed horribly contagious. Image: Matt Roberts/Getty Images.

A quick round up of the week’s news, brought to you by Pot Noodle, ibuprofen and several pots of seriously unnatural hair colourant.

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Ricky Ponting: A Fond Farewell Featuring Furniture

Australia v Sri Lanka - First Test: Day 1

Image: Matt King/Getty Images.

It might not be a conventional send-off for a cricket legend, but a parade around the outfield on a park bench crammed onto the back of a ute looks pretty good to us.

Thanks for the memories, Punter. Even if, at times, they weren’t so great.

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Jimmy Anderson: A Close Shave

Image via twitter.

Bloody hell. We thought we were upset when England capitulated so spectacularly to India in the first test, but not to the point where we would allow anyone we know to cut our hair.

That’s tantamount to self-harming.

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India v England 2nd Test: Go On, Monty!

Image via msnsport.

Monty Panesar has spent the last couple of hours laying waste to the Indian batting line-up in manner we couldn’t have dreamed of whilst watching the first test.

If only we’d known. We could have spent the time ironing our Monty masks in preparation.

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Murali & Swanny: Spin Class

Apparently, Muttiah Muralitharan is not worried about competing against Shane Warne in the T20 Big Bash League that kicks off next month. He’s much more focussed on the batsman he will face when leading the Melbourne Renegades’ bowling attack.

We bet you 50p those guys are thrilled to hear that.

In other news, we’re delighted to report that Grahame Swann, Murali’s opponent in the sponsored spin-off, has rejoined the England squad in time for the First Test vs. India, which begins tomorrow. Swanny flew back to the UK after his baby daughter fell ill. Best wishes to him and his fam.

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Shane Warne & Mike Gatting: The Equaliser

Image: Lucas Dawson/Getty Images AsiaPac.

It’s been a few years in the making, but we’re pretty sure that the contents of this photo are sufficient for Mike Gatting to have put the whole ‘Ball of the Century‘ business behind him.

If Warney in tights doesn’t do it, nothing will.

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Andrew Strauss: Form Is Temporary, Class Is Permanent

Image: Stupid is as stupid doos, as they in South Africa. Don’t they?

Kevin Pietersen might have the kind of flair on the cricket pitch that prompts the ECB to pick him regardless of the embarrassment his activities cause, but Andrew Strauss has so far been the one to demonstrate who is the real class act in the revamped side.

Strauss was insulted in a series of text messages from Pietersen to members of the South African team in August, but in an interview earlier this week he told BBC SportKevin sounds contrite and he realises he’s made some mistakes. Now is the time for everyone to look forward.”

It would be interesting to see whether Pietersen would have been so gracious if Strauss had been the one pressing the buttons.

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