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Marshall Henderson: Flappy, Flappy, Joy, Joy


Click the image for more inflammatory flappery. Image via

Although he’s unlikely to be familiar with the work of Emmanual Adebayor, this provocative celebration by Marshall Henderson after he threw two game winning baskets for Ole Miss vs. Auburn last week, put us in mind of the joyful scenes at the Etihad when the then City striker scored, then ran the length of the pitch to celebrate with his ex-club’s fans.

Having watched both clips several times though, we note a curious inconsistency between the response of the English security detail and the lone guy in the white shirt featured in the above gif.

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Aaron Craft: Don’t Look Now


Image: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images North America.

He’s taken some stick for Ohio State’s 73-68 defeat to Duke Blue Devils this week, but honestly? Could you perform your job to the best of your abilities when to your left a bunch of smurfed-up college ball crazies want to tear your kit off so the chefs to your right can set about preparing you for the post-game barbecue?

No. So give the kid a break, would you?

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Having His Collar Felt: Thomas Robinson, Sacramento Kings

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He might be 6’10, 240lbs, a national Player of the Year finalist and No.5 pick in the 2012 NBA draft, but according to his godmother, Thomas Robinson is still incapable of dressing himself.

Bless. He’s not going to argue, is he?

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