Masahiro Higuchi: The Ups & The Downs

Image: Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images.

If you’ve experienced the muscle shredding horror of climbing, you cannot help but feel annoyed at the ease with which Masahiro Higuchi appears to be scaling the wall during Day 4 of competition at the 3rd Asian Beach Games in China.

If you too have felt your blood banging in your head and the tendons in your fingers stretch to new and probably permanent limits as they cling for dear life to an unreasonably small, very unforgiving piece of dried Play-Doh, please follow the jump for confirmation that the world is occasionally sympathetic to your travails.

Image: Feng Li/Getty Images.

Har. No one likes a smart arse, Higuchi.

Settle back onto the sofa with your Doritos, people. Order has been restored.

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